“The poor boy’ll have a…

“The poor boy’ll have a heart attack! If not because the ghosts, it’ll be because the girls.”

Great quote about Quinn McCarthy, protagonist of “The House That Wasn’t”, from beta reader Horton Novak.




My very first review of The House That Wasn’t, by beta reader and fellow author, D. L. Alexander.

#REVIEW The House That Wasn’t by @ElleLikesPink. I was hooked from the first line. Mysterious, suspenseful, romantic, and very well written.

Mama – Short Horror

Tells the story of a couple who take in their long-lost young nieces and nephews. The kids were found after living in the forest for five years but now murderous events begin to unfold and it becomes clear that a supernatural force is intent on claiming the kids.

Final edits in process

It has been such a pleasure working with my editor, Melissa Breau. She is an excellent collaborator and I hope to work with her again in the future.  Most importantly, she helped me with the overall timeline, something that would have been completely off without her good questions and follow up research. 

I can’t believe how close I am to having my first finished novel. It feels amazing. 

How did I know I could write?

I know that I am pretty good with words, but until now, I had not written more than eight pages in my entire life, including in college.  On one hand, being in marketing, most of my copy has been intentionally concise and straightforward.  Honestly, the idea of writing a short story, let alone a novel seemed so HARD!

When I started the novel I’m working on now, I was just hoping to complete an interesting story consisting of around ten thousand words, which I did.  Then, a series of “what if” scenarios began to hit me.  Suddenly, writing actually seemed enjoyable rather than the chore I had always considered it to be.  That’s when I knew that I could not only start a novel, but finish it.

Since then, I’ve learned just how much work happens AFTER you finish your first draft, which happened after I completed about fifteen re-writes of several chapters.  Now, I am in the process of working with an editor on further refinements.

At any rate, until writing became as enjoyable as reading, I still wasn’t sure I could finish a work consisting of more than forty or fifty thousand words.  Sitting here at just about sixty thousand words, I am excited for the next sixty thousand.

The Editing Process

My first novel is now in the editing stages. I’m learning so much about writing fiction, especially for the middle grade and young adult market. Initial feedback is what any author would hope to hear: that my characters are believable and that I have a ‘great voice’. I’ll take it.